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Guangzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2020-03-26

Project unit:(Guangzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences)

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Agriculture

Guangzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences (GAAS), founded in 1960, is the only agriculture institute in Guangzhou dedicated to breeding and introduction of new varieties of vegetable, corn, rice, banana etc. and related techniques. Now, among its 113 employees, including 15 senior researchers, 28 senior agronomists. The faculty also actively engages in safety inspection of agricultural products and agricultural environmental monitoring, research on crop germplasm resources and agricultural biotechnologies, training and consultation service of agricultural technique, as well as public outreach.

GAAS has set ‘Regional Station of National Agricultural Experiment for Crops’, ‘Guangzhou Base for New Vegetable Variety Introduction’ authorized by the  Ministry of Agriculture, ‘Pollution-free Agricultural Products Certification and Environmental Inspection Agency’ authorized by the Center for Farm Produce Quality and Safety of the Ministry of Agriculture, ‘Specially-designated Monitoring Station for Green Food’ authorized by China Green Food Development Center,  ‘Guangdong Bank of Vegetable Germplasm Resources’ and  ‘National Popular Science Education Base’.

 The research and production base of GAAS occupies 80 hectares, among which 53 hectares in Nansha District locate and 27 hectares in Huadu District. GAAS possesses facilities of more than 9 million Yuan, greenhouses over 80,000 m2, 4 cool storages of 1000 m3 for preserving agricultural products and seeds, and a cool storage of 600 m3 for crop germplasm resources.

The academy has bred 91 new varieties of vegetable, corn, rice and banana, which rewarded more than 120 awards from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Guangdong provincial government and Guangzhou municipal government, respectively. It has achieved 14 package patents of utility model and 2 invention patents. The ‘Noble’ trademark was certificated as the famous brand of Guangdong province and the Guangzhou famous brand. The faculty has published more than 30 books and 300 academic papers.

Supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, the provincial and municipal governments, now, the academy carries on over 40 research projects. It has the capability of producing 700,000-kilogram high quality seeds of vegetable, rice and corn etc., which can be planted over 400,000 hectares. The production of tissue cultured banana seedlings now exceeds 5 million per year.

We value your interest in collaborating with GAAS and welcome any opportunities to explore the possibilities of cooperation.