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Cooperative R&D and demonstrative promotion of new Balsam pear varieties
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2020-03-26

Project unit:Cooperative R&D and demonstrative prom o on ne alsa eties

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Agriculture

After 20 years of continuous efforts, the balsam pear research group in Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences has successfully developed a batch of stable inbred lines of balsam pearsby selfing purification, which show specialtypes in fruit shape, tumor shape, skin color, fruit size and seed color.A series of new balsam pear varieties have been developed according to market demandwith characterization of pale green, blue green, dark green in skin colour, pointed tumor, round tumor, round tumor between vertical tricot in tumor sharp, as well as early maturity or early-mid maturity in ripe-stage.

In recent years, 9 kinds of new balsam pears varieties bred by our group have been large-area popularized and applied in and out of Fujian province.Among them, 7 varieties included "CuiYu", "XinCui", "RuYu 5", " RuYu 11 ", " RuYu 33", " RuYu 41(LvYu)"," RuYu 45" have passed the provincial identify. Our group has accumulated rich experience in production of high-yield and good-quality seeds of balsam pears with more than 98% purity in hybrid generation seeds and can reach and more than 95% in germination rate. Our research in labor saving and efficient cultivation of balsam pears such as grafting orinterplanting has already obtained significant achievements.

We look forward to various form of cooperation and communication with domestic and foreign counterparts, such as disease-resistant breeding of balsam pear, new varieties demonstration and promotion and so on. Balsam pear varieties seeds can be sold by the way of cooperation with proxy dealers in southAsian countries.


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