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Cistanche product development and production
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2020-03-26

Project unit:Cistanche product development and production

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Agriculture

Inner Mongolia Alxa Cistanche Group Co., Ltd. is the first private enterprise in China to carry out the research and development of Cistanche products and the artificial cultivation of Haloxylon ammodendron and Cistanche deserticola. It is a key leading enterprise and high-tech enterprise in the agricultural and animal husbandry industrialization of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The company established the Cistanche series product research and development center as early as 1995, and successfully developed the Qiwei Cistanche wine, Cistanche health liquid and other series products. Alxa Sand Industry Research Institute was officially listed in Hongkui Congrong Group on August 27, 2014. It is one of the two R&D centers under the "126 Strategy" key construction cooperation between the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and one of the first 11 new research institutes launched in the autonomous region. In recent years, the company has established cooperative relations with scientific research institutions such as Inner Mongolia University, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Inner Mongolia Chinese and Mongolian Medicine Association, Inner Mongolia Medical College, Peking University School of Pharmacy, and is committed to research and development of Cistanche capsules, granules and tablets. At present, the developed products include Cistanche ointment, Cynomorium ointment, Yizhi capsules, Cistanche polysaccharide tablets, Cistanche oligosaccharide granules, Cistanche immune-enhancing oral liquid, Cistanche Shugan soft capsules, Cistanche oligosaccharide drinks, etc.