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Shenzhen University Technology Transformation Center
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2020-03-25

Project unit:Shenzhen University Technology Transformation Center

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Material Science

In December 2011, the Technology Transformation Center of Shenzhen University was established. In February 2014, it was recognized as the fifth batch of “National Technology Transfer Demonstration Institutions” by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Taking advantage of the geographical advantages of Shenzhen University, the Technology Transformation Center is based on the school’s R&D strength, scientific and technological achievements, scientific research platforms and other scientific and technological resources, supported by the government’s entrepreneurial service centers and professional incubators in various districts, and based on market elements such as property rights transactions, venture capital, and intermediary services. The bond forms a regional innovation system of "big science and technology". Establish an innovative platform that combines political, industrial, academic, research, financial, and media resources to integrate market-oriented technology R&D, technology services, achievement transformation, talent cultivation, and technology incubation, providing one-stop, networked technology transfer Full service.

The Technology Transformation Center has been established for nearly three years. It actively uses all social forces to promote school technology transfer. It has signed Nanshan Industrial Technology with Shenzhen Nanshan Government, Longgang District Government, Pingshan New District, Shanwei City Government, and Fujian Provincial Office in Shenzhen. Research Institute, Longgang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Shanwei Shenda Optoelectronic Technology Industrial Incubation Park, Pingshan Electrochemical Power and Energy Storage Power Industrialization Base and other framework agreements; with Guangdong Doctor Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch, Nanshan Technology Office, Nanshan Venture Service centers, Shenzhen Junsheng Patent Office, Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Innovation Promotion Association, Tencent and other units have established long-term cooperative relations. Successfully organized more than 20 technical transaction activities, served more than 200 enterprises; handled more than 30 patent transfers; and solved more than 50 technological needs of enterprises.

The Technology Transformation Center will give full play to its own geographical advantages, comprehensively create a business card of "integrating into Shenzhen, serving the special economic zone, and mapping South China" as a carrier of scientific and technological innovation, and realize "model corporateization, professionalization of talents, and integration of services", and become a brand organization for technology transfer in local universities in Shenzhen. .