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Intelligent automatic cartoning machine
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2021-02-03

Project unit:Jiangxi chuangyi precision Machinery co.,LTD

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Equipment manufacturing

Our companies developed the production of intelligent automatic cartoning machine, set light, machines, electricity, gas integration technologies, including computer, touch screen, inverter, sensors, power sources, transmission, implementing agencies, high degree of automation for wide range, favored by users and praise, can form a high degree of automation and efficiency of modern packaging production lines and equipment, automated packaging lines must belong core equipment. The project, through technical innovation, first at home and abroad to achieve non-rigid, sheet items are boxing, as of April 2015, the company developed the intelligent automatic cartoning machine products have been two inventions and 11 utility model patents, a number of technical innovations to fill the domestic blank, DXH-J155 type cartoning machine technology identified by the provincial key new products, expert opinion is: overall product performance reached advanced level of similar products.

The company intelligent automatic cartoning machine products mainly DXH-J80, DXH-J100, DXH-J120, DXH-J155, DXH-J160 variety of series, more than 30 varieties, has been selling products at home and abroad pharmaceutical, food, Japan, hardware, health care, entertainment and other industries.

The main purpose of our participation is to promote products and excellent customer resources to seek investors.