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Autologous fascia tissue transplant operating system
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2021-02-03

Project unit:Shenzhen University Health Science Center

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Life technology and health

There are abundant adult stem cells and cell factors in the fascia tissue, which are crucial to repair the tissues and organs of human body.

This operating system is applied to autologous fascia tissue transplantation, which covers all the process of transplantation like tissue obtain and rehabilitaion. The major five parts are: (1) fascia tissue stimulator: it is like the acupuncture needle, which combines the patents of deqi needle, deep thermal needling instrument. It is applied to the fascia tissue before obtaining, which is supposed to be activated because the needling arouses stimulation like tissue injury, which can further attract the stem cells in the fascia tissue. (2) fascia tissue obtainer: it is like a syringe with longer and larger needle. With this obtainer, fascia tissue of abdomen, buttocks and inner thigh can be obtained. As in the obtaining process, blood and fat is inevitable, there is a of silica membrane in the front of syringe plunger, which can seal up the tube after pulling out the plunger. After centrifugation, the top of fat can be extracted from the membrane with a 1 ml syringe. (3) fascia tissue collector: it is a low speed centrifuge with ordered rotate speed. The parameters are fixed and the centrifuge tube is special, the top of which can be connected with fascia tissue obtainer. There is filter in the tube, which can separate fascia tissue and liquid components like blood, tissue fluid. (4) fascia tissue injector: it is like a 5 ml syringe with longer needle, which can inject the collected fascia tissue into the target place. (5) fascia tissue protective plaster: it is multifunction which combines functions of stone needle. It can seal the pinhole and promote the efficacy of fascia tissue of transplantation position by utilizing of the infrared radiation of stone needle.

This operating system can be applied to fascia tissue transplantation for diseases like degenerative osteoarthropathy, low back pain, osteoporosis, bone defect, osteonecrosis of the femeral head, myocardial injury, senile dementia, diabetes and male infertility.