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Central air-conditioner wireless Temperature controlling system
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2021-01-30

Project unit:NingXiaSavern Technology Ltd.

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Information technology

Central air-conditioner wireless Temperature controlling system is designed according to the features and style of public buildings and it also meet the requirement of “China’s public building energy-saving designing standard”. This new temperature controlling system can save much energy while adding more comforts and amenities.

This system is wireless that installed easily and can totally replace traditional mechanical temperature controller. The new controller has the function to set different temperature level according to different time period. Three modes can be applied: normal, OT and vacation modes. The diagram of system is showed below:

Temp controller: Control indoor temperature

Collector and Calculator: Data transmission between controller and background server.

Background server: Data analysis, Remote-controlling.