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Automatic tracking and positioning industrial fire gun
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2021-01-29

Project unit:Jiangxi Rong he special fire equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Disaster reduction and Prevention

The best control mode of this kind of fire is earlier suppression, and the best extinguishing equipment is fire fire artillery. The fire cannon that controls fire cannon by artificial fire is often too long to respond to the initial fire fire. Therefore, our company has developed an automatic tracking and positioning fire-fighting gun suitable for petrochemical industry. The device is composed of fire cannon and age control center with intelligent detection and positioning function, with a monitoring distance of 80m~100m and a flow rate of 40L/S. Using explosion-proof design, it can spray foam fire extinguishing, and can spray water to extinguish fire. It can realize automatic fire detection and inspection in the range of 360 degrees and pitching -90 [+60]. After the fire, the fire is automatically aimed and positioned, and the fire is transported to the age control center. After the fire is confirmed, the age control center starts the foam system. The fire cannon completes the fire with the smallest fire extinguishing agent in the shortest time. It can effectively extinguish the petrochemical, large oil depot, petrochemical production unit, steel plant and electricity. Fires in factories, coal plants, airports and hangar will reduce the loss of life and property and ensure public safety.