• In order to further deepen the cooperation between China and ASEAN countries in the field of scientific and technological innovation and sustainable development, and promote the common development of countries in the region, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang proposed at the 16th China ASEAN (10 + 1) leaders' meeting on October 9, 2013 that China would continue to implement the China ASEAN science and technology partnership program and establish a China ASEAN innovation center. Under the framework of the China ASEAN science and technology partnership program, the center is committed to promoting the incubation, innovation and development of enterprises in China and ASEAN countries, and promoting scientific and technological innovation and exchange and cooperation in the region.


  • The China ASEAN innovation center is an important platform to promote and deepen scientific and technological innovation and exchange and cooperation between China and ASEAN countries. It aims to promote scientific and technological exchanges and innovation cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, promote cultural exchanges and scientific and technological personnel education and training with ASEAN, and enhance regional scientific and technological innovation ability.


  • Relying on the existing platforms such as Kunming National Economic Development Zone and Kunming National High Tech Development Zone, the China ASEAN innovation center collects all kinds of innovation resources and elements, carries out technology docking, talent docking, project docking and enterprise docking in accordance with the principle of "resource sharing, collaborative innovation, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation", so as to promote science and technology and innovation cooperation between China and ASEAN countries To provide comprehensive services for R & D, product industry incubation, promotion and application, scientific and cultural exchange, etc.

Direction of Industrial Innovation

  • Biological industry: natural plant extract, biological medicine, biological products, biotechnology services.

    Modern agriculture: Cultivation of new agricultural varieties and application of new technology.

    New energy and renewable energy: development and utilization of solar energy, biomass energy and wind energy.

    Environmental protection: research and development and application of ecological protection, environmental governance, clean development and recycling technology.

    Electronic information: smart grid, intelligent logistics system, new display system, automatic control system, etc.


  • (1) Public science and technology innovation service platform

    We will build a public technology service platform for research and product development experiments, detection, analysis and pilot scale tests, set up specialized laboratories and analysis and testing centers, establish information network systems, and build service systems for technology transfer and achievement transformation, so as to provide public services for enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes participating in scientific and technological innovation activities.

    (2) China ASEAN innovation activities

    1. Hold China ASEAN Innovation Forum

    As a landmark activity of China ASEAN innovation center, the forum carries out information exchange on science and technology demand, science and technology policies and development direction in related fields between China and ASEAN countries, and promotes scientific and technological cooperation between enterprises and scientific research institutions of ASEAN countries. The forum mainly consists of opening ceremony, summit dialogue, new technology and new variety recommendation, and on-site docking of international incubators And so on.

    2. Developing education and science and technology training for ASEAN countries

    The exchange of talents will be carried out in the fields of biological industry, new energy and renewable energy, new agricultural technologies and varieties, environmental protection, electronic information and other fields. Training courses on advanced and applicable technologies will be held mainly for relevant personnel from enterprises, universities and institutes in ASEAN countries.

Local And Facilities

  • (1) Superior geographical location

    The center is located in the export processing zone of Kunming National Economic and Technological Development Zone, 5 km away from the main urban area of Kunming and adjacent to Kunming University City. The center is surrounded by complete infrastructure, close to the main railway and highway roads, and can reach Kunming Changshui International Airport in half an hour. A large number of emerging industries, finance and Commerce have gathered in the area, forming a strong industrial foundation. Surrounding colleges and universities, supporting primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, shopping malls, medical institutions to provide convenience for life, obvious geographical advantages.

    (2) Complete supporting facilities

    The center has a total area of 36000 square meters, including a total of 22000 square meters of incubation space, a total of 11 floors; a supporting service facility site of 12000 square meters and a pilot plant of 2000 square meters, which can provide pilot production conditions for product research and development of incubated Chinese and ASEAN enterprises and research and development institutions, as well as parking lots, restaurants, meeting rooms of various specifications and other supporting facilities, which can meet the requirements of the settled institutions Different needs.

    (3) Perfect service system

    The center has three service systems: technical service, property management and basic service. It can provide technical services such as product R & D test, product quality inspection and analysis, pilot scale-up, verification of process route and technical parameters, and basic services such as consulting service, entrepreneurship counseling, financing service, technology transfer, achievement transformation and training, accounting, law, human resources, industrial and commercial tax and other related certification services.

Settled Objects And Preferential Policies

  • (1) Object of settlement

    There are technological enterprises, R & D institutions and investment institutions, patent holders and professional and technical personnel who are willing to open up business in China and ASEAN countries.

    (2) Preferential policies

    In addition to the preferential policies of Kunming National Economic and Technological Development Zone and Kunming National High Tech Development Zone, the resident institutions can also enjoy the following preferential policies.

    1. The center will provide preferential conditions of rent free within 100 m2 for three years.

    2. Through incubation, priority will be given to projects with good development prospects and scientific research needs.

How Asean Countries Benefit

  • (1) Through the service platform of China ASEAN innovation center, we can understand and master rich innovation information in real time, including enterprise resources, expert team and advanced technology, so as to provide more abundant and extensive innovation resources for domestic enterprises.

    (2) Carry out innovation exchange, project docking, business negotiation, market development and other activities directly with Chinese enterprises.

    (3) We can get a good environment for innovative services, value-added innovative services and many preferential policies.

    (4) Personnel can be sent to participate in technical education training and innovation activities of China ASEAN innovation center.

How ASEAN Countries Participate

  • The competent departments of science and technology of ASEAN countries shall designate the contact person and appoint relevant domestic institutions to establish bilateral contact working group with China ASEAN innovation center. The joint working group is jointly responsible for selecting and recommending enterprises and institutions to settle in the center, organizing enterprise docking, project docking, technology docking and talent docking, and jointly creating a good environment for the development of the center.