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Dr. Luo Weiwei Attended the 1st SCO Young Scientists Conclave
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2020-11-30

In order to actively respond to the propose of the Fifth Conference of Ministers of Science and Technology of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) held in Moscow, Russia in November 2015, and to establish a network for young scientists of SCO member states, the Ministry of Science and Technology of India held the first SCO Young Scientists Conclave (SCO-YSC) from November 24 to 28, 2020 under the framework of the forum on SCO Young Scientists. The theme of the 1st SCO-YSC is "Establish the SCO partnership mechanism of Science and Technology Innovation: Prospects for Young Scientists". The conference adopted the offline main venue + online participation model. The offline main venue is in Hyderabad, India. Participants of the SCO-YSC were selected and recommended by the joint secretariat of the SCO member states. Dr. Luo Weiwei, director of the secretariat of China-South Asia Technology Transfer Center (CSTTC) and the China-ASEAN Innovation Center (CAIC), was nominated by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and approved by the joint secretariat of the conference to participate in the SCO-YSC, and was invited to give a speech on the cooperation mechanism of sustainable energy.


The SCO-YSC aims to create connectivity and networking among the SCO youth and to create consortia of young scientists, professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs to conduct joint R&D activities to harness their knowledge for addressing common societal challenges through scientific and technological interventions and technology transfer. In addition, the Conclave hopes to seed a SCO Scientific Identity through the establishment of a network of young talents across these Member States.


The 1st SCO-YSC set up five themes of agricultural development and food processing, sustainable energy and energy storage, biotechnology and bioengineering, environmental protection and natural resource management, COVID-19 pandemic and epidemic outbreak response. Through the opening ceremony, sub-theme forums, topic group discussions, conceptual papers, more than 70 scientists from SCO member states participated in this conference.


Dr. Luo Weiwei delivered a speech of "Exploration on Mechanism for Developing Sustainable Energy in SCO Countries" and had discussion with young scientists from SCO member states in the discussion session. The speech started with inducing the explorations and experience China has made while transferring technologies in developing countries in recent years, followed by the common problems in the process of promoting sustainable energy technologies and products in SCO countries, the process of the industrialization of advanced applicable technologies, and finally provided coping strategies to the problems mentioned above.


The 1st SCO-YSC aims to build a platform for exchange among young scientists from SCO member states, and stimulate new academic inspiration, and build the scientific and technological innovation leadership of young scientists. With its intrinsic ability for unconventional and lateral thinking, its dynamism, and its idealism, the youth of a nation represents not only its future, but also its potential for bringing about game-changing innovations in every sphere of life. Therefore, SCO countries always value the development of youth generation. The establishment of the mechanism of the SCO-YSC has the important meaning for promoting technological innovation and sustainable economic and social development among SCO member states.


Chen Linhao, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony


Dr. Luo Weiwei delivered a speech at the meeting