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FMBR Technology
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2021-01-30

Project unit:Jiangxi JDL Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Environment and energy

FMBR technology is an advanced technology independently developed by JDL with 35 invention patents home and abroad.  Is a major scientific and technological achievements in the 12th five-year and won the 2014 IWA East Asia Regionanal Project Innovation Award for Applied Research . By creating facultativeoxygen environment, using of microbial symbiosis principle, it makes microorganismform food chain to realize synchronousnear zero emissions of organic sludge, phosphorusgasificationand degradation of pollutantsin wastewater treatment process. d on the technology,we develop a series of FMBR equipment and realizeshort process and remote monitoring of the wastewater treatment as well asmanagement innovation of 4S moving station mode, making comprehensive cost of wastewater treatment reduceby about 50%.The technology is evaluated as " having the potential to become breakthrough leading technology of wastewater treatment in the 21st century " by URS .