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Comprehensive utilization of banana waste
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2021-01-28

Project unit:Haikou Experimental Station Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences(CATAS)

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Agriculture

Three aspects of technology research and development have been carried out d on the practical problems in the banana waste comprehensive utilization 1.Fiber origin extraction, degumming and modification technology 2.New technology of stem sludge composting 3. Fruit storage preservation Browning prevention and control technology and machining process.

Fiber origin extraction, degumming and modification technology: To extract the banana fiber in the origin is the first step , Second is the degumming processing. While the last modification works on crack fiber. And materials like nanofiber, crack fiber, the adsorption material etc. are carrying out which Can be used to the new material, spinning, environmental protection, agriculture and other fields. All banana plantation fiber extraction can increase yields 10800-16200 yuan/ha, and the original fiber modified higher value-added products.

New technology of banana stems biological organic fertilizer by using banana stem waste and animal manure which develop under the special craft to replace traditional inorganic fertilizer and organic fertilizer in fruit and vegetable planting.

Fruit storage preservation Browning prevention and control technology and machining process: Pyrosulfite series containing sulfur can be replaced by getting safe and effective anti Browning agent through the general technological means used by food industry. It can be used as anti Browning agent in fruit and vegetable processing and antistaling agent in fresh food and shrimp storage and transportation.