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Automated Bolus Technology
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2021-01-10

Project unit:Shanghai Technology Transfer & Exchange

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Agriculture

Developed automated bolus technology that has applications primarily in the field of animal health monitoring but also in other areas such as environmental monitoring

Use of the Well Cow bolus platform allows farmers to monitor the production efficiency of their herds and allows them to optimise the diets of their cattle to improve the efficiency of milk production. This will improve the financial performance of producers and when combined with the reduced animal health problems such as acidosis, lameness, mastitis and infertility, will ensure that fewer cows and less feed is needed to produce a litre of milk. This is due to improved milk output per cow and a reduced culling rate which decreases the number of replacement animals needed. Overall, this will improve the efficiency of milk production, thus improving food security and the sustainability of the dairy industry.

The Well Cow bolus avoids the need for invasive rumencentesis i.e. using a needle to draw rumen fluid   It is used in sentinel cows to represent the herd with the bolus being inserted orally into the cow using a bolling gun. It resides in the reticulum/rumen where it logs pH and temperature every 15 minutes. The data is currently downloaded via a receiver to a laptop.

Expensive feed additives are used efficiently while helping to increase milk productivity and quality.