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Technical Products introduction of GuiZhou QiCheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2021-01-02

Project unit:GuiZhou QiCheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Other

GuiZhou QiCheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd is the largest animal health product enterprise integrating R&d, production and sales of veterinary herbal medicine in Guizhou. It is located under the Fanjing Mountain in Tongren, Guizhou. It has production lines of Chinese medicine extraction, injection, oral solution, solid preparation, liquid disinfectant and so on.  Since it was put into production in 2015,  33 kinds of specialty veterinary drug preparations has been developed including veterinary herbal medicine preparation and western medicine preparation, such as poplar flower, houttuynia, andrographis paniculata, heat-clearing and detoxifying drug, Shuanghuanglian, ceftiofur hydrochloride and tilmicosine. All preparations are approved by the ministry of agriculture production. These products are sold all over China. The National Central Veterinary Drug Engineering Technology Research Center , that was established by GuiZhou QiCheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd and Tongren Polytechnic College,etc and approved by science and technology department of guizhou province,  has a 5,000-mu Chinese herbal medicine breeding base. “Innovation-driven,Based on Tongren,Focusing on China West, Facing the whole county and the whole world, Doing the best veterinary drugs ”is the persistent conception of  GuiZhou QiCheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. She sincerely welcome domestic and foreign companies to discuss cooperation.