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Agricultural products co-drying technology and equipment
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2020-12-31

Project unit:Food Engineering Innovation Center ,Jiangxi Academy of Sciences

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Agriculture

Co-drying technology use two or more ways such as heat pumps, solar energy, far infrared, microwave, hot air to process a complementary and phased drying. It has become a development direction of new and highly efficient drying technology.

This co-drying technology combine hot air and heat pump drying, develop a set of co-drying equipment and processes  at atmospheric pressure and low-temperature . According to the different heat-sensitive material properties and structural changes , Co-drying process is confirmed. The technology and equipment is very suitable for a variety of vegetables, fruits, seeds, biological products and other agricultural products for rapid and efficient drying ,with short drying time (4-6 hours), high quality product (close to vacuum freeze-drying products), small investment in equipment (15% of freeze-drying), energy-saving and environmental protection (closed operation, no heat and exhaust emissions ,energy consumption :50% of hot-air drying, 10% of freeze-drying) and so on. The device has acquired the National Invention Patent and the National Key New Product.