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agricultural machinery
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Project unit:Shandong source machinery co., LTD

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Agriculture

Company developed the production of oil press series and agricultural machinery from the rotary tillage, ridging, applying fertilizer, mulching applicator, transplanter, sprayer and harvester, and then to later drying heating equipment. They are recognized by consumers and have won many national patents at the same time.

 Ø mini tiller

Mini tiller is composed of power drive and rotary cultivator. Matched power is basically diesel engine, gasoline engine. According to the actual need, the users can also choose other diesel engine that is not greater than the specified value. The machine has advantages of simple structure, light weight, flexible and convenient operation and reliability, easy maintenance.

This machine can works in Ping-ba, hills, mountains, in upland and paddy fields, tea plantations, orchards, flower and vegetable greenhouses and small land area carries on the demand of the rotary tillage soil preparation and so on, you can choose different matched tools according to the needs of production field operations.

    Ø rotary tillage and ridging fertilizer machine

Ø oil press

Ø spraying machine

Ø baking and heating equipment

Ø plastic mulching machine

2MY-1C Plastic Mulching Machine apply to peanuts, tobacco, vegetables and other  planted crops.It is driven by four wheel tractor with 20-28 HP power ditching, mulching film pressing film, covering and spraying The optional film width is about 800-1200mm The work efficiency is up to 3-5 acre.

Ø cassava planter

Ø grain dryer

Yuanquan dry tower adopts hot air mixed flow heating, hot air temperature is 120-160. The grain is overturned through the flip Angle shape box, so there is so many advantages just like large heating area, heating uniformity, smooth process,  continuous operation and saving cost. This equipment has the composite structure,  heat insulation, outer shell with waterproof protection, high thermal efficiency,  and save energy. Even in a cold environment, the precipitation rate can reach 12%- 16%, thus, the grains with high wet fell to security moisture content at one time This equipment is matched with special adjustable device for grain flow and air  transport. It can effectively make the different grains with different moisture  content under different climate dry to the requirements of the indicators. It also  equips automatic monitoring instrument device, therefore, we can take the dynamic  measurement, observation and control for material level, grain and air moisture,  and auxiliary operation to ensure the safety of normal operation. This equipment  has characteristic of convenient and fast installation and small room occupied.