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Breeding of Red Selenium-rich Hybrid Rice
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2020-12-31

Project unit:Sichuan Agricultural University

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Agriculture

Dr. Zhu Jianqing, professor of Sichuan Agricultural University, academic and technology leader in Sichuan Province, breaks through the limitations of the current rice production relies on selenium content in soil and spraying techniques, and uses red rice germplasm resources from Sri Lanka and Russia to successfully breed new yielding combinations of red selenium rich hybrid rice and red selenium rich glutinous rice, which meet the requirements of National Se-meter standard (GB / T 5009.93-2003). Red selenium rich hybrid rice has stable yield and strong adaptability. 2009--2013 in Zizhong county, Lezhi county, Meishan county and etc. The demonstration and order plant area of red selenium rich hybrid rice reaches about 167,000 hectares, yielding 8,250 kg/ha above. Cumulatively produced billion kilograms of rice, and created billions of social benefits. Comparing with local control varieties in Pakistan, combination ZY-688 ZY-018 increase yield by 19% and 13.7%, both obtained seed import licenses in Pakistan in 2013. Another 26 combinations were sent to Bangladesh to participate the annual regional trial, in which combination of ZY-3, ZY-5, ZY-22 increase yield significantly. The amylose content reaches 26%, which solved the problem of low content of amylose in Chinese hybrid rice planted in Bangladesh, and also tastes better for Bangladesh people. Bangladesh rice experts highly praised the outstanding performance of red selenium hybrid rice in Bangladesh. In September 2014, the technology of breeding of red selenium hybrid rice was identified as scientific and technical achievement by the Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province. The Panel of experts unanimously found that this technology has reached the international advanced level.