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Techniques on Seed Potatoes Production and Quality Inspection
Source:, Number of views: Second, Date of publication:2020-12-31

Project unit:黑龙江省农业科学院植物脱毒苗木研究所、黑龙江省马铃薯工程技术研究中心、农业部马铃薯种薯质量监督检验测试中心(哈尔滨)

  • Project country:CHINA
  • Industry classification:Agriculture

Potato is large-scale cultivated in developing countries, currently the total yield of potato is much lower in developing countries than developed countries, the yield is only half of developed countries. This project mainly focuses on the problems in the seed potatoes production which there exsits in the developing countries, and conducts research work. The problems are the following: lower virus-free seed potatoes quality, the lack of standardization of seed production technology, unreasonable farming and cultivation technology, incomplete seed quality testing technology, more and more serious disease problems year after year. The project will try to solve practical problems in potato production in developing countries, and in order to rapidly increase potatoes yields and quality in developing countries.

The technologies are highly-integrated by a number of key practical technologies of seed potatoes production and quality testing. Seed production technologies cover potato shoot tips technology, tissue propagation technology, minituber production technology (MOD, stage of harvest, hydroponic cultivation), seed potatoes production technology (soil testing and fertilizer technology, wide-ridge cultivation technology, nutrition diagnostic technology, water-saving irrigation technique, integrated diseases and pest management techniques). Seed potatoes testing techniques include seed potatoes quality testing procedures, field inspection technology, laboratory diagnostic techniques of viruses, viroid, bacteria and pests. After years of efforts, we have extended a series of cheaper and high-quality potato diseases diagnostic kits of virus, viroid, ring rot and bacterial wilt. The accuracy of kits has reached the international level.